Saturday, 24 April 2010

Digital Posters For The Cheapest Medium Of Digital Signage

Digital Posters For The Cheapest Medium Of Digital Signage

Digital Posters For The Cheapest Form Of Digital Signage

A digital poster is the most affordable medium of digital signage currently available, due to the low deployment cost, these installations are being rolled out in Countries that you normally not associate with the leading edge digital signage technology.

Many of the sellers of digital posters are having to be flexible, because not only are they doing business in their own country they are also doing business with other countries such as America, Malta and France - working with many companies who where looking to deploy digital signage in either hotels or restaurants in holiday destinations.

The fast growth in this sector is down to the affordable nature of the indoor digital signage solution.

What is a Digital Poster?
These are commercial grade LCD panels that have an in built media player, any user can use one of these panels to create fantastic content, these can also be used to create a floor standing LCD advertising display option that is a fraction of the cost of a standalone kiosk.

With sizes from 17” to 80”, the end result can be a eye ball catching solution at a very affordable price.

Content can be created cheaply, by using some easy to use software that can be downloaded free, just type use the internet.

This part of the digital signage industry is worth an estimated €$16 million, because this is where salons can cut their teeth on digital signage ads, using this dynamic form of marketing is totally refreshing and businesses can benefit from the first day, with the added facility to change content almost immediately if it needs tweaking.